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Different Branches of Science for Railway Exams

Branches of science

The different branches of science, notes for Railway exams

In the past examination conducted by RRB Bord you noticed that how the science is an important subject. For the upcoming Railway exams 'StudyOnline' brings regular post for crack the upcoming exams. Today we will learnt about the Different Branches of Science so let's start

Different Branches Of Science

 Branches                               concerning field
Aeronautics                Science of flight of airplanes
Astronomy                  Study of heavenly bodies
Apiculture                    Bee keeping for Honey
Biochemistry               Study of chemical reaction in life activities
Cardiology                   Study Of Heart
Dermatology               Study of Skin
Ecology                        Study of relationship between organism and environment
Eugenics                      Study of improvment of human race by applying laws of heredity
Floriculture                  Study of flower yeilding plants
Geology                       Study of condition and structure of the earth
Genetics                      Study of heredity and variations
Gerontology                Study of growing old
Gynaecology               Study of female reproductive organs
Horticulture                 Study of garden cultivation
Iconography                Teaching by pictures and models
Immunology                Study of resistance of organisms aganist infection
Jurisprudence             Science of law
Lexicographic              Compiling of Dictionary
Neurology                     Study of nervous system
Numismatic                 Study of coins and medals
Obstetrics                     Branch of medicine dealing with pregnancy
Opthalmology              Study of eyes
Ornithology                   Study of birds
Palaeontology              Study of fossils
Philately                        Stamp collecting
Phonetics                     concering the sounds of a spoken languages
Pathology                     Study of disease causing organisms
Physiology                   Study of function of various part of organisms 
Piscicultre                   Study of fish
Pomology                    Study of fruits
Seismology                 Study of earthquakes
Sericulture                   Silk industry
Telepathy                     Communication between two minds at a distance with the help of emotion, thoughts and feelings

This is the some of the topics on Different Branches of science that ofthen ask in comptative exams. I hope this article will help you in upcoming exams, RRB NTPC, RRC, SSC and other state government exams.

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