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United Nations and its Important Agencies

United Nations Organisations For RRB NTPC and SSC Exams

StudyOnline: United Nations (UN) notes for RRB NTPC, RRC group d and ssc exam
United Nations and Its member-countries

UNO :- United Nations Organisations is the world’s largest international organisation and a successor of league of nations. (league of Nations was formed after the first world war , but it failed).

  • The Charter of the UN was signed at san Francisco on june 26, 1945 , at a meeting of the representatives of 50 states.
  • The name United nations was given at the insistence of US President Roosevelt.
  • Formally came into existence on October 24, 1945.
  • First regular session was held in London in January, 1946 and Trygve Lie (Norway) was elected the first Secretary General.

Headquarters :- its headquarter located at New York, US.

StudyOnline: United Nations (UN) notes for RRB NTPC, RRC group d and ssc exams

Flag :- White UN emblem (2 bent olive branches open at top, and in between them is the map of the world) on a light blue background. It was adopted on October 20, 1947.

Official Languages:- the official language of UN are English, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish while working language are English and French only.

Organs of United Nations

there are six principal bodies on the United Nations (UN) :-
  1. General Assembly
  2. Security Council
  3. Economic and social Council
  4. International Court of Justice
  5. Trusteeship Council
  6. Secretariat
Permanent Members:- China, France, Russia, UK and USA are the permanent member of Security Council
The non permanent members are elected by the General Assembly for 2 year from among the member states
International Court of Justice consists of   15 judges

Secretary General Of the United Nations:-
The first Secretary General of the United Nations was Trygve Lie of Norway. At present António Guterres is the new secretary General of the UN.

Some Important UN Agencies

Agency Head quarters          Purpose
1 International Labour
Organisation (ILO)
Geneva To improve condition and living
Standard of workers.
2 World Helth
Organistaion (WHO)
Geneva Attainment of heighest possible
Level of helth by all people.
3 World Trade
Geneva Setting rules for world trade to
reduce tariffs
4 International Atomic        Energy
Agency (IAEA)
Vienna To promote peaceful uses of
atomic energy

5 United Nations International
Children's (UNICEF)
New York To promote children's welfare all
over the world
6 United Nations Devlopment
Programme (UNDP)
New York Help Developing countries increase
the wealth producing capabilities of
their natural and human resources
7 United Nations Educational
Scientific and Cultural
Organisation (UNESCO)
Paris To Promote Collaboration among
nationsthrough eduacation, science
and culture
8 International Monetary
Fund (IMF)
Washington DC               Promotes inernational monetary
9 International Finance
Corporation (IFC)
Washington DC Promote economic devlopment by
encouraging private enterprise in
its member countries
10 International Bank for
Reconstruction and
Devlopment (IBRD)
Washington DC Devlopment of economies of members
by facilitating investment of capitals
by providing loans
11    Food and Agriculture
Organisation (FAO)
Rome To improve living Condition of rural

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