70+ Important branches of science

Different Branches of Science

List of Different Branches of science notes to ace Government Job Preparation. In the previous examination conducted by Railway, SSC, PSC and other Government job’s exams you have noticed that the questions like :

  1. Anatomy is the branch of science deals in ____
  2. Study of flowers is know as _____
  3. Ornithology is the branch of science deals in ___
This type of questions always asked in Government jobs Exams to ace the these i have provided a list of Branches of Science. Let’s see the list of Branches of Science

Branches of science

What are the branches of science

Branch of Science

concerning field

AeronauticsScience of flight of airplanes
AgricultureMethod of cultivation and farming
AgrostologyStudy of grasses
AnatomyStudy of internal structure of a living organism
AndrologyStudy of male reproductive organs
AngiologyStudy of blood vessels
Anthology Study of flowers
AnthropologyStudy of mankind, physical mental, cultural and social development
AphidologyStudy of aphids
AraneologyBee keeping for Honey
AraneologyStudy of spiders
AstronomyStudy of heavenly bodies
BacteriologyStudy of bacteria
BatrachologyStudy of frogs
BiochemistryStudy of chemical reaction in life activities
BiotechnologyUse of biological agents for beneficial use
BryologyStudy of bryophytes
CardiologyStudy Of Heart
Cell BiologyStudy of cell and their activity
Chondrology Study of cartilage
ChromatologyScience of Color
CosmologyStructure and evolution of universe
CraniologyStudy of Skull
CytologyStudy of structure and function of cells
DendrologyStudy of shrubs and trees
DermatologyStudy of Skin
EcologyStudy of relationship between organism and environment
EntomologyStudy of insects
EthnologyScience dealing with different races of man kind
EugenicsStudy of improvement of human race by applying laws of heredity
Evolutionchange in the characteristics of a species over several generations and relies on the process of natural selection
FloricultureStudy of flower yielding plants
GeneticsStudy of heredity and variations
GeologyStudy of condition and structure of the earth
GerontologyStudy of growing old
GynecologicStudy of female reproductive organ
HematologyStudy of blood
HepatologyStudy of liver
HerpetologyStudy of reptiles
HorticultureStudy of garden cultivation
IchthyologyStudy of fishes and amphibians
IconographyTeaching by pictures and models
ImmunologyStudy of resistance of organisms against infection
JurisprudenceScience of law
KalologyStudy of human beauty
LepidopterologyStudy of butterflies
LeprologyStudy of leprosy
LexicographicCompiling of Dictionary
LichenologyStudy of lichens
MalariologyStudy of malaria
MicrobiologyStudy of microscopic organisms
Molecular BiologyStudy of living organisms at the molecular level
MycologyStudy of fungi
NephrologyStudy of kidney
NeurologyStudy of nervous system
NumismaticStudy of coins and medals
ObstetricsBranch of medicine dealing with pregnancy
OphthalmologyStudy of eyes
OrnithologyStudy of birds
OsteologyStudy of bones
PaleontologyStudy of fossils
Parasitologystudy of parasites
PathologyStudy of disease causing organisms
PhilatelyStamp collecting
Phoneticsconcerning the sounds of a spoken languages
PhysiologyStudy of function of various part of organism
PiscicultureStudy of fish
PomologyStudy of fruits
RhinologyStudy of nose and olfactory organs
SedimentologyStudy of rocks and fossils
SeismologyStudy of earthquakes
SericultureSilk industry
SpeleologyStudy of caves
Taxonomynomenclature and classification of the animals
TelepathyCommunication between two minds at a distance with the help of emotion, thoughts and feelings
UrologyStudy of excretory system
Virologystudy of viruses
ZoologyStudy of Animals
These are the important Branches of Science with exam perspective that often ask in Government Jobs exams. I hope this article will help you in upcoming exams, RRB NTPC, Railway Group-D, SSC and other state government exams.
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