Buddha Purnima : 15 Facts Should Know about Buddha

On Lord Buddha Purnima we will discuss about a prince of Saka Clan Gautam Buddha who leave his home for the search of true aim of life. How Gautam Buddha founded Buddhism one of the biggest Religion or say way of life that gave many people a path to peaceful life.

Lord Buddha Purnima, Gautam Buddha, Buddhism


Goutam Buddha Or Shakyamuni Original name was Siddhartha founded Buddhism.

About Goutam Buddha

Vaisakha Purnima or Buddha Purnima : Birthday of Buddha

Buddha born around 563 BC at Lumbini, Kapilvastu on Vaisakha Purnima day in Nepal therefore many Buddhist Followers in Asia and South-East Asia celebrate this day as Buddha Purnima or Vaisakha Purnima. He belongs to Kshatriya Clan.

Family members 

His father Suddhodhana was Saka ruler. Mother  Mahamaya died just after 7 day of his birth. He was brought by stepmother Gautami. He Married at the age 16 to Yashodhara. He had a son named Rahul.

Important incidents in his Life

There are some of the important incidents that change his life completely and Inspire him to set a discipline Buddhism to help common persons from their sufferings by Sermons and Teaching in local language of Pali.


At the age of 29 year after witnessing four scene in sequence an Old man, a sick-man, a dead body and a ascetic he decided to leave his enjoyable life in search of truth of Life.


At 35 year of age at Bodh Gaya under Pipal Tree (Ficus religiosa) on the bank of river Niranjan (Phalgu River) on the 49th day of meditation.

First Sermon

He gave his first sermon which is known as Dharma chakra Pravartna at Sarnath, where his five disciples had settled.

Death of Gautam Buddha 

He died at the age of 80 years in 483 BC at Kusinagar in UP .

Symbols that represents Major Events of Buddha’s life

Lotus or Bull :- Birth of Gautam Buddha

Horse :- Mahabhinishkramana or Renunciation

Bodhi Tree :- Nirvanas or Enlightment

8-spoked wheel :- Dharmachkara parvartna (First Sermon)

Stupa :- Mahaparinirvana ( Death)

Gautam Buddha, Buddhism

Buddhism and Teaching of Buddha

Four Nobel Truth

  1. The World is full of sorrow.
  2. The cause of sorrow is desire.
  3. If desire are conquered, Nirvana can be achieved.
  4. This can be achieved by following the Eightfold path (Astangika Marga)

Eight-fold Path

  1. Right understanding
  2. Right thought
  3. Right Speech
  4. Right Action
  5. Right Livelihood
  6. Right Effort
  7. Right Mindfulness
  8. Right Concentration

Three Jewels (Tri-Ratna) of Buddhism

  1. The Buddha (The enlightened)
  2. Dhamma (Doctrine of Buddhism)
  3. Sangha(Order of Buddhism)

Sects of Buddhism

Hinayana or lesser vehicle 

Its followers believed in the original teaching of the Buddha. They did not believe in the idol worship they believe in Karma. Pali, the languag of the masses, was used by Hinayana Buddhists. Ashoka patronized Hinayana Buddhism.

Mahayana or greater vehicle

Its followers believed in the heavenliness of the Buddha. It believed in idol worship. Sanskrit, the language of scholars, was used by Mahayana Buddhists. Kaniska and Harshvardhana supported Mahayana. 

Vajrayana or vehicle of thunder bolt

Its followers believed that salvation be best attained by acquiring the magical power which they called Vajra. The chief divinities of this new sect were the Taras. It became popular in eastern India, particularly Bengal and Bihar.

Hinayana Literature, Tipitaka

Vinaya Pitaka :- Rules of monastic discipline for monks.

Sutta Pitaka :- Collection of Buddha’s sermon.

Abhidhamma Pitaka :- Philosophies of Buddha’s teachings.

Buddhist Councils

483 BC   RajgrihaMahakashyapa   Ajatshatru
383 BC   VaishaliSabakamiKalashka
250 BC   PatliputraMogaliputta
72 AD   Kundalvan 

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