Sunday, September 8, 2019

Notes on Buddhism

Buddhism and its Philosophy

Buddhism notes for Railway Exam


In this post we will learn about Rising of Buddhism in 6th century BC. How Gautam Buddha founded Buddhism that gave many people a peaceful way of life.

Founder :- 

Goutam Buddha Or Sakyamuni Original name was Siddharatha founded Buddhism.


563 BC at Lumbani, Kapilvastu on Vaisakh Purnima day in Nepal. He belongs to Kashtriya Clan.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Vardhman Mahavira and Jainism

Jainism, rise of Religion in 6th century BCE

Vardhman Mahavir's life and Jainism

In this chapter we learn about Religious Rise in 6th Century BCE. How Vardhman Mahavir spread Jainism its impact on common people. This chapter is dedicated for upcoming Government exams like RRB NTPC, GROUP-D and SSC Exams.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Vedic Civilization: History of Aryan

वैदिक कालीन सभ्यता और आर्यो का इतिहास (vedic Civilization)

Aryan and vedic period notes for RRB NTPC, RRC group D and ssc exams

It's our next lesson on History. In this article of 'StudyOnline' you will learn about vedic civilization and history of Aryan where they live how they came to india, their social, economical and religious life.
स काल का प्रारम्भ 1500 ई.पू माना जाता है। आर्य लोग मध्य एशिया में कैस्पियन सागर के आसपास के क्षेत्र में रहते थे (कई इतिहासकारों ने उनके मूल स्थान के बारे में विभिन्न सिद्धांत दिए हैं)। मध्य एशियाई सिद्धांत मैक्स मुलर की देन है। उन्होंने लगभग 1500 ईसा पूर्व खैबर दर्रे (हिंदुकुश पर्वत) के माध्यम से भारत में प्रवेश किया।

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Indus Valley Civilisation notes for RRB NTPC, RRC and SSC exams

Indus Valley Civilisation notes for RRB NTPC, RRC and SSC exams

Ancient History : Indus Valley Civilisation

Indus vally civilisation, Indus people, Harrapa civilisation

In this article we will learn about the Ancient History, Indus valley Civilisation of India. In the past examination of Railways and SSC this chapter took importance place. As per the new syllabus of RRB NTPC we are making our article that will help you in these exams.
Indus valley Civilisation is one of the four earliest civilisations of the world that are spread in different part of the world. The four civilisations are :- 
Mesopotamia is spread on the bank of rivers Tigris and Euphrates, Egypt on the bank of river Nile, China spread on the bank of river Hwang Ho and Indus valley Civilisation on the bank of river Indus.