Exam Notes on Vitamins and their Sources

Chemical Name Of Vitamins and their Sources

vitamins and their chemical names for rrb ntpc, rrc group d, ssc exams
The chapter VITAMINS is most import for RRB Exams. You know that RRB recently published huge vacancy around 130000 post for this year. To achieve your target and get selected in this post you have to do hard work according to syllabus. We are going to publish some most important topics that help you in this exam.

  • Vitamins are organic compounds that do not produce energy, but required In a very small quantity for proper functioning of the body.
  • It was first invented by F.G HOPKINS the term was coined by C. FUNK.
  • Vitamins are of two kinds :- Fat soluble and water soluble
  • Fat soluble vitamins and their deficiency diseases :-
Vitamin A
Chemical name :- Retional
Deficiency Disease :- Night blindness
Source :- chess, cream, butter, eggs, liver, etc.
Vitamin D
Chemical name :- Calciferol
Deficiency Diseases:- Rickets and Osteomalacia
Source :- Egg yolk, liver, fatty fish, etc.
Vitamin E
Chemical name :- Tocopherols
Deficiency Disease :- Less fertility
Sources:- plant oil, leafy green vegitables, etc.
Vitamin K
Chemical name :- Phylloquinone
Deficiency Disease :- Non clotting of blood
Sources :- Green vegetables.
  • Water soluble vitamins and their deficiency diseases
Vitamin B1
Chemical name :- Thiamine
Disease :- Beriberi
Vitamin B2
Chemical name :- Riboflavin
Disease :- Cracking of skin, reddish eye
Vitamin B3
Chemical name :- Niacin, Nicotinic acid
Disease :- Pellagra
Vitamin B5
Chemical name :- Pentothenic acid
Disease :- Premature fraying hair
Vitamin B6
Chemical name :- Pyrodoxine
Disease:- Peripheral neuropathy
Vitamin B7
Chemical name :- Biotin
Disease :- Anemia
Vitamin B9
Chemicla name :- Folic acid
Disease :- Pregnency problem, Nausea
Vitamin B12
Chemical name :- Cyanocobalamine
Disease :- Pernicious anaemia
Vitamin C
Chemical name:- Ascorbic Acid
Disease :- Scurvy
These are the some most important facts about vitamins that asked in exam and it is most impotant topic for RRB NTPC, RRB Ministerial, RRC EXAMS

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