Person Died from Brain Eating Amoeba in South Korea


A person has been died from Nagleria Powleri a brain eating Amoeba in South Korea. 

Nagleria Powleri is commonly known as the brain eating amoeba. These amoebae live in rivers, ponds, lakes, and freshwater lakes

What is Nagleria Powleri ?

If a person snorts water containing this amoeba through the nose or passes through the nose of a person, the amoeba can infect and kill human brain tissue

Nagleria Powleri   amoeba attacks the brain and kills humans. That's why this is commonly known as brian eating amoeba in the medical world

50-year-old man from South Korea had been living in Thailand had been came to South Korea. The day After he  fell ill and was hospitalized.

The Person was diagnosed with this amoeba, the person died without treatment. This is the first case in South Korea.

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