300 People died in Earthquake near South-Eastern Turkey


A 7.9-magnitude earthquake that struck near South-Eastern Turkey early on Monday has killed almost 300 people.

The deadly 7.9 quake's epicenter was around 60 miles (90 kilometers) north of Gaziantep, close to the Syrian border.

India is prepared to help the earthquake victims in Turkey in any way possible, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi today.

An earthquake causes the Earth's surface to shake violently. The Earth's outermost layer is moving, which is what's causing the shaking.

What is an Earthquake?

Due to the movements of tectonic plates they slide over one another, there is a cause of orogeny which results in earthquakes

How earthquake is happen?

The magnitude of Earthquake is measured by Richter scale. The magnitude is expressed in absolute numbers ranging between 0 and 10

About Earthquakes

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